• The Self Harmer

    I begin to work with a twenty-three year old woman who has a history of depression and cutting herself. Maria comes because she is very concerned about her inability to control herself. She has tried for years to stop, succeeds for a while and then eventually starts again. She has tried psychiatrists, counsellors, hypnotherapists andRead more

  • The Binger

    Helen walks in for her first session. She is 27 years old, and has put a lot of effort into looking nice, wearing lots of makeup and an expensive suit. She comes because she is concerned about her binge drinking and her problematic gambling. She considers herself to be a highly intelligent person and cannotRead more

  • A Daughter’s Words Is Moving Millions: “Dear Dad, I Will Be Called A Whore.”

    Norwegian charity organization CARE has released a short film reflecting the impact of men’s violence against women and the danger that both girls and women live with in our society today. The short film has already been viewed by several million people, So take five minutes of your time to watch this. If not for yourself, thenRead more