A video of a tradie helping out an elderly man has gone viral, clocking more than 20,000 hits

Shireen Khalil, news.com.au August 2, 2018.

A TOP bloke indeed. An Aussie tradie has proven there are still good people out there after he was filmed helping out an elderly man at a McDonald’s in Bendigo.

Dave Love, 42, was at the Macca’s counter when noticed a pensioner fumbling with a handful of change. Not only did Dave pay for Bert’s meal, but also whipped out $20, insisting he put it in his pocket.

The hero tradie said he was only doing what all Australians should do. He quickly became an online sensation for his generosity.

The elderly man is a widower and recently lost his daughter.

“When I looked at that man I saw my dad, who has passed away. I just had to help him,’ Dave told the Daily Mail.

“Pensioners need our help. I just hope people who see the video remember to do a similar thing in the future.”

In the video you can see Bert turning to Dave thanking him for paying for his meal.

Dave, still in hi-vis work clothing, tells Bert to “hang on” before handing him more money.

“Wait there, that’s for your next coffee, put it in your pocket.”

A shocked and clearly speechless Bert is seen hesitant to accept Dave’s generosity.

“All good, put it in your pocket,” Dave tells him.

Dave Love generously gave $20 and paid for pensioner Bert’s Maccas meal. Picture: Melanie Langley/FacebookSource:Facebook

Dave’s family says he does this kind of thing all the time.

He then turns to the camera, not knowing he is being filmed by his partner Melanie Langley, and tells her, “He was down his last $20, he was standing there with a whole heap of change.”

“He’s a pensioner and he’s old, so I paid for his meal and I gave him $20.”

Melanie, 39, says he does kind things all the time.

“He has the best heart — he always puts himself last and would do anything for anyone.”

Dave told the Today show this morning it’s “who I am”.

“I seen him with a handful of coins,” he said before walking over to the counter. “When I stepped in I just said, ‘Put your coins in your pocket. I’ve got it for you, I’ll cover this.’”

When Bert told Dave he was down to his last $20 “that broke my heart,” the tradie said.

“He was a lovely old man. I did what us Aussies do, we are Aussies, that’s what we do.”

The modest tradie said he didn’t know his partner was filming.

“She missed all the bit where I was talking to him and putting the coins back in his pocket … if I had have known she was filming I would have put a stop to it.”

Dave says he doesn’t want to be hailed a hero.

Bert was hesitant to accept Dave’s offer. Picture: Melanie Langley/FacebookSource:Facebook

“It’s not about me — it is about helping people out. I didn’t do this for attention but I’m glad it has made people realise how far a little kindness can go,” he told the Daily Mail.

“These people built our country so we can live the lives we have today — for my generation and the generation after us.

“If I was prime minister tomorrow I would fix the pension.”

Dave also shared his opinion about the tradie from Frankston, Melbourne who allegedly assaulted a stranger outside a pub.

“Not all tradies are bad people like the grub from Frankston who hit that bloke the other day,” he said.

After initially resisting Dave’s offer, Bert eventually accepted the money saying, “Thank you very much … you’re a gentleman, thank you.”

“There’s still some nice people here,” Bert had said to Dave.

Bert has been given a year’s supply of McDonald’s.

The heartwarming video has clocked more than 20,000 hits on social media and has received many comments from people praising Dave’s kind actions.

“Every single one of them is special. I have read them all. That’s why I’ve had no sleep and it’s just made me realise how many beautiful people there are in the world,” Dave said.


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